It starts with a bull in a china shop.  Sort of.  A souvenir shop, actually, in sunny Bostagel, home of the tourist in North Cornwall. When I  take the little decorative post office, the bull makes a run at me. Time stops.  Over to you.

Blink is a 48k text adventure for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (emulated above using the ZZ Spectrum emulator - you will need a Java enabled browser to access this). To play you must instruct your character through typed commands, such as:

NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, UP, DOWN, NORTHEAST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, etc ENTER X (where X is a place you are outside of), GET/TAKE X, (where X is an object present), INVENTORY (tells you everything you're holding), LOOK (which describes your current location), LEAVE/EXIT, EXAMINE, USE, TOUCH, SAY, PRESS, EAT, CLIMB, SIT, STAND...

...and, most important of all... BLINK...


BLINK.TZX - the BLINK cassette image for loading into an emulator on your computer (or a real Spectrum)

An inlay card for BLINK that you can print off and cut out


ZZ Spectrum © 2001 Troels Nørgaard

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