The Berlina 2000, code named SUPER DACIA, is one of the most advanced automobiles in the world. Its current location is the village of Floarea Soarelui, high up in the Transylvanian Alps; a village populated by peasants so stupid it is rumoured that they still believe Ceaucescu to be the president. You know this village very well, Bula: it's where you come from.

How it is that these people have managed to develop this vehicle - with its onboard computer, ┼×IT - is unknown. Your mission is to penetrate the village, find the Super Dacia and steal it.

Floarea Soarelui is a 48k text adventure for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (emulated above using the ZZ Spectrum emulator - you will need a Java enabled browser to access this). To play you must instruct your character through typed commands, such as:

NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, NORTHEAST, SOUTHEAST, etc. ENTER X (where X is a place you are outside of), EXIT (when you want to leave a place), EXAMINE X, TALK TO X (where X is a person present), GET/TAKE X (where X is an object present), INVENTORY (tells you everything you're holding), LOOK (which describes your current location) SAVE/LOAD (allows you to save/load a partially completed game).

Floarea Soarelui was written using the Professional Adventure Writing System (PAW) version A17C by Gilsoft.


FloareaSoarelui.tzx - a cassette image for loading into an emulator on your computer (or a real Spectrum)

An inlay card for the game that you can print off and cut out


ZZ Spectrum © 2001 Troels Nørgaard

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